Now that my spiffy new cluster is finally up and running, I’m taking on a new project. Also, I’m taking on hands. If there’s anyone out there that is good at multithreaded-programming, databases, indexing, or just programming in general, I may need your help!

I’m working on a new type of knowledge engine, which I have yet to name, but it has four basic parts. It will have its own data delivery system (which for now is just a url scraper and wget, but will later use AI techniques to further its intelligence), an indexer, a grouping analysis on the index, and then an HTM framework that has definitely yet to be designed. I’m going to start small (indexing a fraction of the web as I only have about 1tb of storage to work with, though my plan for indexing will be significantly smaller than the data indexed itself), and scale up from there, if at all possible. There will be statisctical analysis, heavy distributed database work, some theoretical AI techniqes, and stupid amount of multi-threading.

Possible applications of this include, but are not limited to:

Search Engines

Speech/image recognition

Predictive Trend Analysis

And many more!

If this project sounds even vaguely interesting to you, leave a psot on this board and I will contact you over the weekend. I’ll be setting up a repository on sourceforge soon.