Since my last post, I’ve moved from the inland northwest to the beautiful silicon valley. As such, the project mentioned in my previous and long past post has been inherited by new employer. Its right up their alley, and since they’re willing to pay for me to work on it, I can’t complain.

Also since my last post, I’ve moved my blog to a new site (which I’m actually hosting myself, so I hope my server doesn’t explode on some magical good day).

The new blog (which has already imported all the posts from this blog) can be found at http://clusterfudge.endoftheinternet.org .

Thanks for those of you who are still subscribed to RSS after 9 months of no posts, I appreciate your laziness.

This will be the last post here.


I'll bet you're wondering what it is that might come here…. Who uses crappy computers to solve big problems?

Well, the answer is, I do.

I just graduated with a BS in CS from GU, and I've been doing research for the last year in AI and Parallel Processing. For the AI, I've been studying GA and Neural Nets and am working up a new way to look at combining the two (my "Big Problem"). I realized this was to be hugely computationially intensive from the get-go, so I got interested in parallel processing, and involved myself in a clustering project on campus. We had 20-ish 800mhz machines and roughly the same number of 333mhz machines (my "Crappy Computers") to work with, and did some really interesting work.

The point of this blog is to review some of that research, discuss some of my thought processes in doing what I did, and to continue documenting my research. I've never been one for academic writing, yet I feel like my research deserves some credit, so why not blog, eh? This process is going to start out a little slow, as I a: don't have internet at home yet, and b: am in the process of building my own cluster since the university didn't see fit to let a lowly undergrad snag a few of the machines he meticulously worked on all semester post-graduation, but I digress… The point is, be patient, and I will show you great things.

I should let you know now, I have a habit of coming up with metaphors, and more than likely this blog will be full of them. Perhaps they'll be entertaining, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Until next time…